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Benetti Home is ''Italian design emotion''. Our vertical gardens spread an emotion that translates into well-being, exclusivity, quality of life and luxury. Over 20 years experience combined with great passion guarantees to our clients beautiful, safe, reliable and, above all , unique products through our Benetti MOSS collection.


Benetti MOSS is the vertical garden maintenance-free, it does not grow up, it should not be pruned and not irrigated. Made with a 100% natural and preserved lichen, Benetti MOSS can be placed in any space and is provided for easy layering and shaping. Benetti MOSS allows you to create perfect green walls and amazing scenographic effects in few minutes without any kind of maintenance. Benetti MOSS is suitable not only for home spaces but also for shopping malls, wellness areas, offices and hotels.

Benetti MOSS makes green the places to live.


Give a new look to your brand with Benetti MOSS LOGO!

With Benetti MOSS LOGO, you can create custom made logos and green designs, specially created for you.

BenettiFERN & BenettiLEAFAGE

Two new vertical garden proposals: preserved, maintenance free, supplied on panels and easy to be installed.

From now on not only MOSS



Costa Rica
Amazon Offices
Designer: Garnier Arquitectos
Installation: Urbio Landscape Design

Amazing and prestigious project realized with BenettiMOSS in combination with wood stripes, made for Amazon headquarters in Costa Rica.

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The biggest worldwide companies have chosen Benetti MOSS to realize their own projects



Benetti Home realized vertical garden projects in over 70 Countries all over the world, developing a new green concept for the interior design and exporting the “Italian design emotion” on the 5 continents.