Benetti MOSS: green appeal.

Imagine you are in a forest, where the grass and moss go up on the tree trunks. Imagine the green, the cool and the scents that caress your senses. Now , imagine this show every day in your home, imagine the green dress up the walls around you bringing you the joy, well being, simplicity and the spectacle of a nature just to enjoy. Benetti MOSS brings in your home the comforting serenity of a personal green corner.

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Benetti MOSS: simply natural, maintenance-free

Benetti MOSS is the Maintenance Free, interior vertical moss garden, made of 100% natural, preserved lichen. Harvested without environmental impact or damage, preserved using non-toxic ingredients and processes, Benetti MOSS provides an innovative and sustainable green look, suitable for any interior design project.
Benetti MOSS ships ready for installation. On site adjustments to size and shape are simple.
At the factory, Moss is hand applied to a structural substrate, specifically designed for stability and ease of installation. A beautiful green wall can be installed in moments for an extraordinary optical result.
With Benetti MOSS, architects and interior designers can create amazing green spaces from a residential villa to Hospitality, Retail or Commercial office space.
Benetti MOSS modern green look and strong aesthetic impact make its use a successful tool for any design professional. Find out how easy is creating your own vertical garden!

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- 100% natural preserved lichen
- Harvested without environmental Impact
- Preserved using non-toxic ingredients
- Antimicrobial properties
- Does not attract insect
- Requires a 35% minimum relative humidity rate optimal conditions for your well-being
- MOSS Spray available for seasonal humidity rates below 35%
- Maintenance-free
- Will not grow, no need to prune or water
- Does not need sunlight
- Fireproof certified
- Long lasting
- No monthly maintenance
- No electrostatic charge
- Does not attract dust
- Allows design flexibility and adjustment
- Customizable design options
- Benetti MOSS is for interiors spaces
- Benetti MOSS has acoustical properties, it reduces the voice frequency
- Shades variations of color and slight natural lichen aroma are a testament to its natural origin
- As for any natural product, a slight tone and color variation over time is to be considered as normal.


- Never water
- Limit exposure to direct sunlight


Benetti MOSS has acoustical properties to combine green aesthetics and technical attributes to enhance your project.



Standard size cm.60x80 - (23.62” x 31.50”)


Shades are a characteristic of the product and are to be considered as a quality feature and guarantee of its natural origin.
Natural colour: cream
Other colours: obtained with food colouring

BenettiMOSS can meet any kind of request.
Feel free to get in touch with us for any special inquiry.



2 different substrates to meet your project needs.


Technical backing made of a painted aluminum sandwich.
Easy to cut and lay.


Flexible backing suitable for curved walls, columns, ondulating surfaces or already existing shapes. Very easy to cut and lay.


Thanks to the experience gained over years in care and maintenance of preserved lichen, Benetti Home has solved the only issue that may effect this amazing product: low humidity.
Marketed worldwide with a multitude of different climates and seasons, Benetti MOSS created a patented MOSS Spray, suitable to keep your green wall perfect during seasonal humidity changes.
Used only as necessary, MOSS Spray is a natural, non-toxic, odorless topical spray designed to keep your Benetti MOSS soft over time during dry spells .

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