Batik Mosaic, the thinnest and lighest mosaic in the World!


Batik Mosaic, you will love it!


Benetti Home presents Batik Mosaic, the new Collection of resin mosaic which combines tradition and technology.
Batik Mosaic is thin, light, durable, versatile and totally customizable.
Any image can be reproduced and printed on tiles of varying sizes offering limitless inspiration for a designer’s creativity.
Ideal for indoor, outdoor and swimming pools, it can also be used to cover furniture, counters, false ceilings and all those flat and / or curved surfaces that you want to enrich with amazing effects.
Batik Mosaic, you will love it!

Easy to install

Batik Mosaic is easy to install! It can be applied on any substrate: walls, ceilings, furniture, windows, wood panels and even on existing tiles without having to remove them.
If necessary, Batik Mosaic can be cut to size with scissors. To simplify the installation process, a laying plan is provided, showing the mosaic layout.

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Batik Mosaic is suitable for exterior and under water applications. Resistant to thermal shocks and UV rays, it can be used in any weather condition, it can be supplied with a self-adhesive backer which can be applied on any wall surface without requiring additional glue or grout material.
Batik Mosaic can also be applied onto a transparent base in order to be backlit, or on glass, creating unique and beautiful decorative effects.
Batik Mosaic is 100% Made in Italy.


Thin and light

Batik Mosaic is the resin mosaic that changes the world of design! Very thin - only 2 mm (0,07”). - and very light - just 1.2 kg per m2 (3.9 ounces per square foot). - it is perfect for all surfaces and in particular for those that cannot support heavy weight such as drywall or faux ceilings. Moreover, it can be mounted on existing surfaces without having to remove them.


Batik Mosaic is a universal mosaic! It’s suitable both for indoor and outdoor applications: offices, living areas, bathrooms,
kitchens, spas, swimming pools, as well as external facades of buildings, ceilings, furniture, doors.


Batik Mosaic is customizable, offering Architects and Designers unlimited creative possibilities. Any digital image can be reproduced in the form of mosaic art with the option of choosing shape, size, and color of each individual tile. Two finishes are available: glossy and matt. Batik is also printable on gold and/or silver surfaces.


Thanks to its technical features, Batik Mosaic can also be applied on concave or convex surfaces and can easily cover curves and irregular areas.

100% customizable! Chose your digital image, chose the pattern you prefer and that's it! We'll realize your design!

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