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  • Living Moss Wall

    Living Moss Wall

    admin Jun, 20, 2018

    Our goal is to beautify our home environment by working with nature, increasing biodiversity, biophilia and promoting wellbeing. Inspire your space with the beauty of…

  • Moss Wall Art

    admin Jun, 12, 2018

    The internals walls can be designed according to customer needs in the light of expert advice. BenettiMOSS makes it possible to create perfect green walls…

  • Vertical Wall Garden

    admin Jun, 10, 2018

    The internal Vertical Wall Garden characterize and decorate the settings as spectacular scenery in buildings, reception areas, offices, shops and restaurants. The impact of their charm…

  • Green Wall Design

    admin Jun, 09, 2018

    Green Wall Design can bring real benefits to your business or residential environment, including stress reduction. The Vertical Indoor Garden transforms an opaque interior with…

  • Vertical Indoor Garden

    admin Jun, 08, 2018

    The advantages of Vertical Gardens are truly unique in the micro garden spaces where the options are very limited. Because most people live in urban…

  • Vertical Green Wall


    Buildings are negatively affected by the change in temperatures that causes the expansion and contraction of materials, which over time lead to deterioration, cracks and…

  • Green walls

    admin Jun, 07, 2018

    Green Walls help the environment in the same way that plants help the environment. Plants help clean the air. They help reduce noise pollution because they…

  • Green Living wall


    As we run out of green space in cities, Living Green Walls can turn urban spaces into something natural and beautiful. They can also improve…

  • Living Wall


    The Living Wall provide an innovative and sustainable green look, suitable for any interior design project. By using the walls and extending upwards, the plants, providing…

  • Moss Wall


    As urbanites get more and more isolated from the natural world, their desire to maintain some sort of connection has inspired creative new interior design…

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