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Green Walls help the environment in the same way that plants help the environment.

Plants help clean the air. They help reduce noise pollution because they have noise reduction capabilities.

They reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the air and filter the pollutants causing them to breathe and exchanging them with clean, fresh and clear oxygen. Since the industrial revolution, modern progress has increased air pollution.

In inhabited areas, polluting gases and particulate matter are making our air toxic, but we can use nature to reverse the damage we are causing. As children we learn that plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen-rich air.

green wall

green wall

However, it is less known that they also filter the surrounding air by absorbing and cleaning pollutants. This natural effect is multiplied by the number of plants living in living green walls.

The vigor of a Green Walls with very high sound-deadening performance, also satisfies the technical and aesthetic aspect making the indoor a paradise on earth.

A green workplace can result in increase in productivity. Plants have a positive effect on people. This is also reflected in employee satisfaction.

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