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The Living Wall provide an innovative and sustainable green look, suitable for any interior design project.

By using the walls and extending upwards, the plants, providing maximum benefit, are installed without reducing the space on the floor.

Living Wall is the next generation, they differ from climbing plants like ivy, as they are composed in a complex way by collections of plants These miraculous structures bring nature back into urban settings.

Living Wall

As the concrete jungle expands and pollution increases, the application of living green walls is able to reverse this trend. By incorporating carefully selected plant selections into state-of-the-art design, living green walls have been designed to help restore natural balance.

Benetti’s sustainable Living Wall use a modular and flexible system and align themselves with any built environment . Our product does not need maintenance because it does not grow, it should not be pruned, it must not be irrigated and doesn’t need light. The variations and the light fragrance of the forest are a guarantee of the natural origin of the product.

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