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The internals walls can be designed according to customer needs in the light of expert advice.

BenettiMOSS makes it possible to create perfect green walls in just a few minutes and with an incredible scenographic effect that is maintained over time without any maintenance.

This means that there are factors that can be decided on the overall design to meet the needs of the customer and fully meet his expectations.

moss wall art

The product is designed to juxtapose several modules, obtaining visually continuous green walls and thanks to its aluminum base, a practical and easy application of the product is obtained. The green walls are organized in standard modules 60×80 cm which means that there is a wall suitable for any space.

The flexibility of the green walls makes them perfect for all environments. Just like in office buildings, it is possible to install living green walls inside.

Moss Wall Art is not ordinary art because it is beautiful, natural and relaxing.

The relaxing and meditative quality of each of our Vertical Gardens brings a unique experience in your environment. Each piece of BenettiMOSS is made with a 100% natural lichen and stabilized an experience to make you enjoy the soothing beauty of the true Wall Art mural.

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