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As urbanites get more and more isolated from the natural world, their desire to maintain some sort of connection has inspired creative new interior design ideas like moss walls to fill their needs. Moss Wall are a beautiful and without maintenance way to bring some beautiful nature into your home.

Benetti design and realizes Green Walls that are increasingly popular thanks to their elegance and uniqueness, as well as therapeutic effects on the user’s emotional state.

Vertical Green Walls, also called “living walls” or “natural walls“, allow to furnish interior spaces to valorize or privatize some areas and can become focal points thanks to the possibility of creating green walls of any shape and size. Moss walls are a beautiful and relatively inexpensive way to bring beautiful nature into your home.

Benetti Moss Walls

Benetti Moss Walls

Moss Wall is a product for architecture and interior design, ideal for creating Green Walls. Its surface, as well as its shape, adds a Green Wall Design dimension to the interiors. The Moss Wall is made of moss plates of standard size 60 x 80, but can be easily cut to obtain the desired surface.

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