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verde verticale designs and realizes green walls that are becoming more and more popular thanks to their elegance and uniqueness, as well as to the therapeutic effects on the user’s emotional state.

What are the Vertical Gardens?

The Vertical Garden is a product for architecture and interior design, ideal for creating the Vertical Green. Its surface, as well as its shape, adds a dimension of design to interiors. The Vertical Garden is made with slabs of moss of standard dimensions 60 x 80, but can be easily cut to obtain the desired surface, in order to cover the project surface.

vertical garden

Vertical Garden

How can Vertical Garden be used?

The Vertical Gardens allow you to furnish the interior spaces recreating a spectacular scenery. The green walls add color and a unique design element to the lobbies, meeting rooms, corridors and reception areas. Green walls give a strong visual impression to customers and potential customers. It also provides all the documented benefits of plants to buildings and the work environment.

A green wall embedded in a biofilm design can help improve creativity, reduce absenteeism and presentism and other workplace concerns.

How are Vertical Gardens used?

The use of the Vertical Garden is suitable for the realization of green walls, paintings, for covering curved walls, ceilings and columns. A living wall acts as an acoustic barrier for your building.

It absorbs 41% more sound than a traditional facade and this means that the environment is much quieter, both inside and outside the building.

This means that the environmental noise is halved. The increase in Vertical Green could bring about significant change in urban environments.

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