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Buildings are negatively affected by the change in temperatures that causes the expansion and contraction of materials, which over time lead to deterioration, cracks and cracks. Our modern society is focused on the image and nothing beats nature for beauty. A well-designed and lush Green Wall can dramatically improve the appearance of a building, adding color and texture that will not go out of fashion.

The two new vertical proposals are BenettiFERN and BenettiLEAFAGE, the new green essences by Benetti Home.


Stabilized and maintenance-free, they are supplied on an aluminum panel in standard 60×80 cm size. Each wall is specifically designed, using different varieties of plants that can vary in color to create living art.

Vertical green wall offers numerous benefits ecological and societal level.

The vegetation naturally blocks the high frequency sounds, while the support structure can help reduce low frequency noise. Eradicating the noise of the hustle and bustle we have had to adapt to.

Living Wall helps to purify the air and it are part of climate-proof construction.

What’s more, people are happier in a green environment than in grey surroundings.

Greenery promotes a healthy indoor climate. In offices where there is plenty of greenery, there is a noticeable decrease in absence due to illness.

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