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The advantages of Vertical Gardens are truly unique in the micro garden spaces where the options are very limited.

Because most people live in urban areas, smart design ideas are the key to make the most of the space we have available. Art and design come together in unison to recreate an artistic expression never seen before. One of the many advantages of Vertical Gardens is that they allow you to maximize your use of a small garden space.

Thus, they are perfect even for small apartments. The Moss Wall is an innovative coating to have a Vertical Indoor Garden design, does not require a maintenance.

vertical indoor garden

vertical indoor garden

35% minimum environmental humidity for the correct maintenance of BenettiMOSS for your physical well-being, but if the humidity drops no problem with Moss Spray.

Thanks to the use of the innovative Moss Spray it is possible to keep your Moss Wall Art always perfect. This product is the revolutionary solution of Benetti that solves the only obstacle related to the Vertical Green Wall, that is, the low environmental humidity.

The use of Moss Spray guarantees the perfect maintenance of the Moss Wall. The product should be used only if necessary and very carefully. It is a natural, non-toxic and odorless product. Its use guarantees the perfect maintenance of the Vertical Indoor Garden.

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